St Dunstan-in-the-East

Cost – Free!

Where – Dunstan’s Hill, London EC3R 5DD, United Kingdom

Transport – By tube, catch either Monument or Tower Hill.

Time required – Depends on what you fancy! This is an ideal place for a lovely picnic if the weather is nice, or if you wanted to relax and read your book. It is an idyllic historical setting in the heart of London’s hustle and bustle.

The Church of St Dunstan-in-the-East was built around 1100 and was severley damaged in the Great Fire of London in 1666. It was patched up after this event, but was damaged yet again during the Blitz in 1941. Unfortunately it was not a priority to rebuild the church, and in 1967 the remains were made into a public garden.

My best friend and local tour guide stumbled upon this place during her adventures and shared the beauty of it with me! After a day of wandering around London, this was the ideal place to rest our aching feet!

I fell in love with the ruins and gardens immediately, feeling such a sense of peace and calmness there. I could sit there for hours, soaking up the history and dreaming what it would have been like before The Great Fire, when it was busy and full of people. Beautiful place!

Jess x




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