The Mana Retreat Centre

Hello, internet!

Hope you are all well! The past few weeks I have been so busy with work and study, and so I haven’t had much time to blog. However, after a loooooong and stressful few weeks, my wonderful mother took me away to the Mana Retreat Centre. The Mana Retreat Centre is based on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Auckland. The centre is based in the middle of nowhere, isolated and so serene.

2016-10-07 14.53.38-2.jpg

We left Auckland on Friday morning and cruised down enjoying the adventure.  We stopped off at the Thames, enjoying the local cuisine and coffee.

We arrived at the centre, popped our bags in our luxury cabin. (which was so cosy and lovely) and then meandered around and explored before dinner.

2016-10-07 17.45.08-2.jpg

I went into this weekend with an open mind, but unsure on how I would stay occupied. I do find relaxation a smidge hard haha! However, there were so many activities available and I wasn’t bored at all!

On Saturday afternoon, I tried laughing yoga. This was by far the WEIRDEST thing I have ever tried. Just an FYI, laughing yoga is not yoga. It is more like a drama class than anything else. We had to stand in a circle, and do different exercises with forced laughter. I had to hold hands with people I didn’t know, and jump around in circles laughing. The oddest part was when we had to lie on each other’s tummies, and laugh. So odd, but so rewarding and hilarious! I definitely walked out with a sore tummy from all the giggling. Absolutely ridiculous, but it worked!

The following morning I did actual yoga at 7am! It was based in a room called ‘The Octagon’, which had fantastic views of the river and rolling hills. This was so beautiful and such a stunning way to wake up.

2016-10-08 11.33.46-1.jpg

The centre provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was all vegetarian meals, which was perfect because Mum is a vege. The food was wholesome, rich in protein and so filling! We weren’t allowed our phones in the dining room as we were there to get away from responsibilities and technology, so I didn’t capture any of the delicious meals I had. The meals were vegetarian and the tastiest meals I have ever tasted. My favourite was by far the lentil pie, the pear and ginger cakes, oh and the berry tart, and the frittata! Ah, everything was mouth watering amazing-ness!


The Mana Centre has luscious land that was begging to be explored. There were many walking trails, but due to the less than average weather, only one pathway was walkable The Goddess Trail. This lead to a place called The Sanctuary. This walk had artwork scattered along the trail, making it a walk to remember.

The Sanctuary has now made it into my top 5 favorite places in the entire world.


It was quite similar to a church layout and so peaceful. The acoustics are fantastic in there and so I belted out a few tunes and then settled in to read my book and journal.


The view was spectacular, it was quiet and you could really be at peace with yourself and the world.

I will treasure this weekend for the rest of my life, so thank you, Mum!

Please check out my video from this weekend as well –

Love from

Jess xo



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