Putting up the Christmas Tree!

Hello munchkins!

Yes, its is the 24th of October. Yes, there is 61 days until Christmas. Yes, the Gibson Family have put their Christmas tree up!

Oooh I love Christmas! It is my favorite time of the year! I love the quality time I get to spend with my family, the trifles and bread & butter puddings my mum makes, the drinking and of course the special Christmas traditions like the tree!

This Christmas is a super special one as it is most likely the last one we will have in New Zealand, as we are all looking at moving to Australia next year! So I have decided to try capture as much of the Christmas season as possible for our own memory boxes!


My mum is the best at putting up Christmas trees! If there was a competition for best Christmas tree in the entire world, mum would win it by a landslide! There are decorations on this tree from when I was a small tot! This tree is essentially a tree of beautiful, warm & squishy memories!

Pancakes, coffee, cute smiles and a beautiful view! What more could I ever ask for!

The photos above capture the Christmas spirit in the Gibson household!

How are you guys getting into the Christmas spirit?

Maybe it is a little early, but its never too early for smiles like these!

Love from
Jess xo


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