Merry Tuesday!

Merry Tuesday Folks!

Mondays are generally a warm up, Tuesdays are average, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is the run up to Friday, and Friday is TGIF!

So therefore I believe that motivation is required on a Tuesday.

This past week feels like it has been shambles! Trump was elected to President, my mum was in hospital, and then there was a terrible earthquake in New Zealand. Shambles!

Whilst my mum was in hospital, one thing that continued to amaze me was her positivity throughout the entire ordeal. She was facing the unknown, the doctors weren’t too sure about her diagnosis and instead of being a stress ball (like I would have been) she was so calm and sane! (whilst I was in the corner demanding to see her CT scan because all of a sudden I could read a CT scan… what was I thinking!)

So this week, I am taking a sip out of my mums positivity cup, and facing each day with a calm attitude, and whatever will be, will be. I read a brilliant motto over the weekend, I want to paint it across my house and that is, ‘It’s not why me, it’s TRY ME!’

So wherever you are in the world, whatever you are facing this week, I want you to face it with calmness, and to be confident that whatever will be, will be and you will be able to conquer whatever life throws at you.

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Love from Jess xo


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