Christmas Shopping Tips!

Today is the 3rd of December and in exactly one month, it will be my 24th birthday! I know I am a year early, but holy macaroni I am about to have a quarter life crisis! But that, is an entirely different blog post for a different time haha.

Anyways! 3rd of Dec! Only, 21 more sleeps until the big day when Santa Claus delivers all the goods. I have done a little bit of Christmas shopping, just started today really but by golly isn’t Christmas shopping stressful. There are so many people to buy for and it can be so hard to resist all the goodies! So I thought I would share the ways I am monitoring my Christmas spending this year, in such a way that will allow me to have spending money for the holiday period for myself and so that I don’t get into any debt.


  2. DO NOT STRAY TO THE DEBT SIDE (get it, like the dark side, but debt side hahahahah, I am hilarious)

So! How to abide to these rules?! EASY! Planning.

You need to plan and work out what your budget is. If your budget is $100 or $1000 for everyone, you need to stick within your budget and only buy stuff that you can afford. This is important. Christmas is not worth getting into debt for and I am sure your friends and family would prefer no presents at all if it saved you from getting into debt or financial crisis.

Planning is essential and a to do list will become your best friend. Whatever you do, do not head to the shopping mall without that list, because you will get distracted by the glitter and the lights and the chocolates. They should actually only allow people into the shopping mall if they have a to do list as their admission fee.

The ideal Christmas present to do list will contain; a list of people you are buying for, ideas of presents with monetary value and your budget. I find it very helpful to research online before I head to the shops so that I know what I am getting and there is no, or very little, fuss involved.


Budget = $100

Harry – Quidditch through the ages book $20

Hermione – A set of new quills $20

Ron – New dress robes $20

Mrs Weasley – Gilderoy Lockhearts new cookbook ‘Cook from your lockheart’.

Mr Weasley – A rubber duck, a plug and a candle $20

If you have any questions for me, please let me know and I hope you find my christmas rules beneficial!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Love Jess xo





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