Waitakere Ranges Adventure


Over the summer break, I took a trip to the Waitakere ranges. This has been somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while now, and it was a big tick off my 2017 bucket list!

You could honestly spend hours lost in the Waitakere ranges and be content with life. The native bush combined with incredible views makes for a fantastic day trip.

We visited Kite Kite Falls first, which is a stunning waterfall. There were a few tracks you could do, but we wanted to do another track further along, so we captured a few photos, basked in the good vibes and went on our merry way. Next time I visit Kite Kite Falls I would LOVE to swim there. The water looked divine!


We then did a spontaneous stop off at the Rose Hellaby House which is such a hidden gem! I hadn’t heard of this place until we drove past it and oh my goodness, I am so glad we stopped! First of all, Rose Hellaby sounds like she was a fantastic woman. She was a gardener, a philanthropist and a traveller. Her house in the Waitakere ranges is quite literally like being on top of the world! The view from her garden is breath taking.

Fancy having that view from your garden! Stunning!


We then moved on to the Waitakere Ranges Dam Walk. Off this track is a walk I really want to go back and do, called the tramline walk. Unfortunately, I am quite clumsy and so on our way down to the dam, I tripped and scraped my knee! Bugger it! However, as clumsy as I am, I am also stubborn and so we kept on walking despite the blood that was pouring down my leg haha!

We had a quick wander around but cut it short as we needed to sort out my leg. Again, incredible views.


Trips like these make me so happy. This year is the year I want to say yes to adventure and home is always the best place to start! Travelling at home is affordable and it gives you a chance to appreciate the place you live in whilst you save for your overseas travel!

Challenge for the week! Explore your town. Go to a new cafe, find a nice beach or just walk and see where the road takes you!

Check out my video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs3eBIVJE8M&feature=youtu.be


Jess x


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