Hang Gliding – Auckland, New Zealand


For my 24th birthday I was given a hang gliding voucher and it was INSANE.

They day started off with an early morning as we travelled out to the West Coast of New Zealand, Waiuku.


Once there, I had to go for a nervous wee. Obviously.

Then! I met the guy who was taking me on this phenomenal experience. I signed my life away, and then we were off!


We jumped into his truck and made our way to the top of the cliff. The cliff that I was about to leap off. It was very, very high….


See! Very high!

Whilst they were setting up the hang glide and doing important, essential things. I stood around doing what I do best, taking photos and mildly freaking out.

Once the hang glide was set up, I got geared up and buckled in for the tethering experience. This was to give me an idea of what it felt like to fly by myself! It also gave me a chance to get a hang of it, and to learn the controls. What you don’t see in the photo below is the expressions on my face as I nailed the tethering experience!

After the tethering experience it was all go! Before I knew it, I was hooked up to my instructor and we were edging our way to the edge of the cliff. We did our final checks, and then we took off! It all happened so fast, in the video all you hear is me going ‘aaaaah no no no, where do I put my head?!?’.

That tiny little dot in the photo there is me! We were high in the sky and it was surprisingly relaxing and peaceful! I was able to soak up the phenomenal scenery that was below me and it was such a #blessed moment haha.

The photos below are from the go pro, and there is a photo of a small white car on the beach which really puts into proportion how high up we were.

A spectacular highlight for me was when my instructor decided I was tough enough and that I could handle the jandle, so he swooped and dived, going extra fast! It was like a crazy rollercoaster! I love love loveeee getting that adrenalin rush, and so this was just fantastic.

He also gave me a chance to control the hang glide, and I was able to go fast, slow down and turn from left to right! Fun fact for you, did you know you can stall a hang glide and it will just free fall out of the sky! Very thrilling!

At the end, he decided to do a superb landing. He dove down, swooping over the cars and over my family onto the beach. I felt very cool if I dare say so!

If you are looking to make 2017 your year, then book in a hang glide. It is a fantastic way to feel alive and like you’re on top of the world.


Jess Xo


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