The Shakespeare – A Craft Beer Review

Hi guys!

Craft beers are a new territory for me as I normally stick to the ciders and the sweet drinks.  However, I am enjoying tasting different kinds of craft beer and exploring such a significant part of New Zealand culture.

I tried The Shakespeare craft beer, which states on the bottle that it is New Zealand first brew pub. Now that’s quite a statement to make, so I had to check it out!

The Shakespeare is actually the very first brewery based in a pub! It is located on the corner of Wyndham and Albert Street, and it was established in 1898 by Thomas Foley. He was born in The Shakespeare hotel as well! in 1989, Peter Barraclough (who was the owner at this time) established one of the very first micro-breweries in the country. To think I picked this beer up by chance because I was impressed by the picture on the front haha.

The description on the back also made me laugh as it is written in Shakespearian English and it is a delightful rhyme! See if you can have a read of it from my picture below!

I chose to try ‘The Lover’ which is a blonde ale. To all newbies out there, the blonde ale is called that due to its light and golden colour. The description said that it has hints of passion fruit and grape, thanks to the finest Nelson Sauvin hops. I found that this fruity flavour came across, and was just a nice balance. Normally I don’t enjoy all beers, especially if they are too deep and malty. This one was divine though. It was light, refreshing and didnt make me bloated!

The Lover would go perfectly with a summers afternoon around the BBQ! I did a bit of research and apparently it pairs brilliantly with sweet, hot or spicy foods.


If you are a fan of craft beer, please let me know in the comment! I would love to know what one to try next!




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