Fitness, Health and Life Changes!

Guys, ย I have to confess something. I ate two cupcakes today. TWO! And they were marvellous!

However, despite how tasty and delicious they were, I am looking for motivational fitness bloggers who are on a health journey. I need inspiration and to turn from voluptuous to healthy.

My thoughts on the horrific life changing matter vary, I know it needs to happen but everything is so delicious. To be honest, I enjoy working out and getting my sweat on! Its my food that is the problem!

I have recently started having a green smoothie for breakfast, having healthier lunches with various vegetables and limiting my intake of desserts. Do you guys have any other tips?

Also, I just want to point out that I love my body! I just want to be a healthier version!

Please comment below with any tips or links etc!

Love Jess


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