The Adventure of All Adventures!

Hi guys!

Last weekend I went on an adventure with two of my sisters, Millie and Aley. It was the perfect day for it! The sun was shining and the beach was calling. We hopped in my car and we were off! Firstly we ordered pizza, because all good adventures start with pizza, and then headed to Cockle Bay Beach.

We ate our pizza under the trees, the waves were rolling in and it was perfect. That was, until Amelia saw a bee, flung her pizza and took off! Then Aley was off! Turns out we were sitting in what was essentially a bee playground, there were about 10 flying around! We took refuge on a park bench, demolished the pizza, had a quick play and then it was time for a loo break! For some reason, its always been a thing in our family that if one person needs to pee, we all need to be! I like to think its because we are all so connected and in tune with one another haha! However, this has also led to being synced during that time of the month…

We needed something sweet to compliment the pizza, and so we got ice creams! My girls are the sweetest, kindest and appreciative girls out! I buy ice creams and it was ‘Thaaaaaaaaank you Jess’ nomnomnomnom, ‘Omg thaaaaaaank you’! Too cute!

We wanted to visit another beach, and so we spontaneously decided to stop off and walk down to find a beach. We got a little bit distracted on the way by the GIGANTIC FLYING FOX! This was INSANE! I decided to live a little and I jumped straight on it, after watching Millie of course haha. But I jumped on it, flying down the runway and flinging up in the sky at the end! I am 24 years old, and that gave me such an adrenalin rush! I had a race with Mille, I won but I also lost my jandal and scraped my toe haha but hey, I won!

We gave up on that particular beach and drove to Eastern beach! I know, another beach! There was a reason I titled this the Adventure of all Adventures haha! The tide was out and instead of being sad, we walked right out to the ocean and had lots of giggles along the way! Favourite moments include Millie going ‘Do you think there are fish in this ocean’ and the very loud rendition of Moana’s ‘How Far I’ll Go’ song!


I will forever treasure this day for as long as I live. I vlogged it as well, so make sure you watch it!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Love Jess x


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