2016 – A year in review!

2016 was an interesting year for me. It was a definitely a year of discovery and adventure!

I started the Happiness Project in 2016 which is when your write one sentence a day for five years. Plus I also completed my second year of Project 365, which is taking a photo every day.

 From this, I was able to reflect back on my year and see what my highlights were! It’s quite interesting to look back on 2016, to see what I loved and what I would like to do better. It’s made me realize that the days are long, but the years are short.

Anyways! Here are my 2016 highlights!


  • My beautiful dog passed away on the last day of 2015, and so January started off quite sad.
  • I did the Auckland Sky Walk for my birthday!
  • I visited the Cascades, the  Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, Wenderholm, Omaha and various beaches!
  • My sister from Wellington was up which is always a highlight. Love spending time with her.
  • I scored a free birthday lunch which was awesome haha.
  • We went on our boat quite often for little Adventures. Fantastic memories were made in that little tin boat.
  • I had lots of sibling adventures!
  • My ginger sister got blue nail polish EVERYWHERE at my Dads house! Too funny hahaha. This will be something that gets brought up every year


  • My man surprised me with flower and chocolates! Such a lovely surprise as he isn’t normally that kind of guy.
  • I went to a nudist beach which was hilaaaaarious. It was freezing too hahaha, get why it was hilarious…
  • We celebrated Mums Birthday with a divine lunch at Apple Jacks and watched an incredible movie called The Room. Very moving!
  • I went to Puhoi Cafe with my man for Eggs Bene.
  • Broke my laptop by standing on it hahaha #classicjess
  • I booked my Europe trip!
  • We tried the Food Truck in Matakana. Mhmmm steamed buns, delicious.


  • My youngest sister had her 8th Birthday party at Snow Planet! So much fun skiing and snowboarding!
  • My man rescued frogs from his workplace.
  • I decided that I just HAD to put my face on to cupcakes for work. Hilaaaaarious.
  • Miss Aley and I went on a chocolate cake date. Moments like this one make me happy.
  • Kane and I went to Waiwera Hot Pools!
  • The family and I visited Hobsonville markets and had yummy food.
  • We had a house fire! Very intense and scary! Basically, a light bulb was faulty, there was a power surge and it caught fire. Lucky I saw it in time and reacted, plus the fire station was opposite our house AND the entire team were dressed and ready to go down the road for training! They got their in record time haha but it honestly saved the day. Electrical fires can take a house down sometimes in a matter of seconds!
  • We went on a family adventure to Goat Island for snorkelling fun.
  • I had cocktails with Mum and my sister. Love me a good cocktail!


  • I watched Miss Aley at her tap lesson for the first time. Such a talented little girl.
  • My man went on a mini break to Nelson to visit his sister.
  • My Mum graduated, again! So proud of her! We had a lovely day of celebration. Watching her walk through the streets was such a proud moment. She is a superwoman that’s for sure!


  • Nate washed my car, which was the first time it had been washed in 2016 haha.
  • I went to the Auckland Writers Festival with my Dad. I want to do more of this in 2017. Such a fantastic evening!
  • Mum had a girls weekend in Omaha and I visited her at the Matakana markets.
  • The male and I went on many adventures in our area, my favorite was when we got coffee in Matakana and explored.
  • It was Mothers Day! We watched Captain America.
  • My little brother got a three legged kitten which he named Faze Rain.


June was by far the best month of 2016. I spent 3 weeks overseas in Liverpool, London and Paris.

Things I did in Liverpool

  • I met Lily, my cousin/god daughter!
  • I went to Livepool for the day and went over on the Mersey Ferry.
  • I had adventures in New Brighton, Port Sunlight, Chester and the city.
  • I went to the Liverpool Cathedral where I learnt a lot of things about the history of it.
  • The Liverpool Docks.
  • I also went to an Ann Summers Party which was hilarious!

Things I did in London

  • I went to watch Aladin on the West End. It was incredible!
  • I went to the Globe Theatre and watched ‘A Midsummers Nights Dream’
  • I did a lot of sight seeing! I went to St Dunstan-in-the-East, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, M&M World. We even hired out bikes! Such a fantastic way to see the city.
  • I WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD! I’m writing this 6 months later and still buzzing that I went here haha!
  • We went to brunch at the Sky Gardens, such an incredible view of the city.
  • We had a bottomless prosecco dinner which was followed by a hilarious eveing of drunken antics. I also met Will Poulter in one of the clubs we went to! We played pool with him and classic Jess, didnt realise until afterwards haha.
  • I also went to the Minalima House of Design which was showcasing Harry Potter Graphic Design.

Things I did in Paris

  • Sightseeing! I went to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Sacré-Cœur, The Lourve, Arc de Triomphe.
  • I ate snails and frogs legs! Snails were quite nice, frogs legs were gross.
  • I also ate many, many, many nutella crepes.
  • And finally, we went to Disneyland Paris! Best day ever!


  • I read ‘The Exotic Marigold Hotel’ which is now one of my favourite books!
  • I spontaneously went to a cafe for pancakes before work one day.
  • I went on a solo walk in the Dome Valley
  • Pokemon Go became a thing and as a family, we went Pokemon Hunting. Best part was when mum took off because she had found a checkpoint haha!
  • My room in my flat flooded. Not fun at all.
  • I had some relationship dramas which resulted in a rubbish week but it all got sorted in the end.


  • My male and I moved into a new apartment, closer to work and family.
  • I finally got a new laptop! Hurrah!
  • Joined the gym! Hurrah!
  • Miss Aley had dance competitions and I bought her flowers to congratulate her. Proud big sister moment!
  • Mum made an exciting life decision!
  • I did aqua aerobics which was an experience and a half, so funny!


  • I branched out and dyed my hair blonde!
  • I had a lovely coffee date with my Dad and siblings.
  • My brother and I went to Wenderholm for a walk. I went to take a lovely photo and then he mooned me. I have such a great photo now though haha
  • I went to a lovely garden party for my friends birthday.
  • I organised a charity event for my work! This was quite big for me, so proud that I pulled it off haha.
  • I found out I was pregnant.


  • I had a termination. I am pro choice and believe that making this public knowledge is a positive move. Abortion is something that should be discussed, especially with the Trump issues regarding it. If anyone wants to message me to chat or ask for advice please feel free.
  • The day afterwards I went to the Coromandel Peninsula with Mum. We went to the Mana Retreat for a relaxation weekend!
  • went to Mana in Coromandel with Mum
  • The male and I went on many adventures, including the Devonport Tunnels where I played around with my new camera.
  • I organised another charity event at work.
  • My friend came back from the UK!
  • My ginger sister and I went on a beach date. So special to spend quality time with her especially when we twerked at the beach haha. She is such a character, makes me laugh all the time.


  • I finally got my full license! So much success!
  • My little brother started driving… they grow up too fast!
  • There was a supermoon.
  • My ginger sister and I went to the VNZMA’s. Awesome evening with the best company!
  • I started gardening! What an adult!
  • Finished the semester from hell with a B+!
  • There was an earthquake in Wellington, my sister was quite affected by this.
  • I bought Adele tickets! So so so excited.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them came out! Such a good movie!


  • Missy came up from Wellington for the holidays!
  • Miss Aley had her dance showcase where she killed it. She has improved in leaps and bounds since the beginning of the year and was absolutely flawless.
  • I had my first summer swim!
  • Mum and I went to the Q theatre to watch Briefs! It was a show of circus, burlesque and a bit of drag. Best show I have been to in a long time!
  • I had my work party, and for the first time in a long time I drank! Quite pleased with myself as normally I stick to safe but I had the best time ever. I ended the night falling asleep into my burger but hey, it was fun!
  • Kane had his work party the following night.
  • Mum and I saw the ‘Opening Night Before Christmas’ at the Basement Theatre. Brilliant show with fantastic improv. I want to go to the theatre more in 2017!
  • Aley, Mum and I went to see the Lego tree in Aotea Square.
  • I saw Franklin Road Lights for the first time in my life! So happy I ticked that off my list!
  • Missy bought us a family board game. It was quite complicated and Aley (7) and Nate managed to win every time haha
  • I exploded the city with Mum and Missy. We went to a lovely vegetarian restaurant called Hectors. We also went to Als Deli which is my fav.
  • New Years Eve was spent eating my way around Auckland with Missy and my friend. Awesome night!
  • I saw loads of movies with my favourites being Moana and La La Land.

2016 was a healing year for me. Going on my overseas adventure was a big highlight too and I am going to keep up that adventurous streak this year, in 2017!

I learnt a lot last year, about myself and my life. I highly recommend doing the Happiness Project or Project 365. It is such a good way to stay accountable!

So! Goodbye to 2016 and hello to the future! 2017 already has been so exciting and adventurous! Cannot wait too see how this chapter of my life plays out!

Love Jess x


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